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The Latest Advances in Spine Surgery

Welcome to the Spine Health Institute, founded by orthopaedic spine surgeon Dr. Kris Okumu. We provide care for all adult and pediatric spine conditions including scoliosis, degenerative disc disease, disc herniations, and fractures. Utilizing computer assisted surgical navigation and the latest advances in spine surgery, we specialize in complex spine surgery, including artificial disc replacement surgery, deformity surgery, kyphoplasty, and other advanced surgical procedures.

Conservative Care, Minimally Invasive Surgery

We perform thorough diagnostics and consider all available options in the treatment of spinal conditions. We see surgery as a last resort and will work with you to find the best non-surgical option available. When surgery is necessary, our highly-specialized medical team employs the latest advances in spine surgery technology. Using minimally invasive techniques, our procedures require small incisions, resulting in faster recovery times – allowing you get your life back quicker than you thought possible.

A Commitment to Patient Satisfaction

At the Spine Health Institute we treat everyone who visits us with the utmost respect, and take the time to get to know each one of our patients. We make every effort to fully understand our patients’ goals, and also any concerns they may have. Our ultimate priority is to ensure that each person is treated with the highest standard of medical service with their unique needs in mind. In other words, we genuinely care.

What Our Patients Say


“The staff at the Spine Health Institute treated me with such care. I felt confident and at ease after speaking with Dr. Okumu. Thank you so much.”

“On the verge of my trip to Mexico, I slipped on an icy set of stairs and ended up in Emergency on Christmas eve with a terrible injury. Fortunately I had the good luck to have Dr. Kris Okumu as my surgeon. This was a bad injury, but I had a great outcome thanks to Dr. Okumu’s skill and thoughtful follow up including the occasional and random, “How are you doing?”. Four years later, I have no trouble playing 18 holes carrying my own clubs, hiking a mountain trail or sliding into second trying to stretch it into a double. I do make a ruckus at the metal detector at the airports though. Thanks for being a good doc.”

I. M. K., Esq.
Portland, OR

“Dr. Okumu and the staff at The Spine Health Institute were fantastic… They did their very best, and my lumbar pain issues have not returned… Thank you so much.”


“When I came to Dr. Okumu in 2010 I could barely walk  the short distance to my mailbox. I lived with chronic pain and on pain killers, which did not help all that much. ….. today I can walk 2 to 5 miles!  Thank you, Dr.Okumu and thanks to the big guy upstairs.”